Fizio is an easy-to- use virtual rehabilitation platform designed to aid the rehabilitation process and track patients progress. It aims to make physiotherapy fun and convenient by transforming existing physical therapy exercises into video-games, and uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to track and assess patient compliance. Designed with physical and occupational therapists, each exercise and activity is programmed to maximize recovery in a safe environment.


Fizio makes entire process engaging and hence keep patients fit, active and feeling lively.

3D-Full Body Motion Sensing

Fizio animate the in game avatar of a person using real time motion capture data.


Fizio can also be used as a networking tool to share experience.

Tracks patients progress

The full skeleton of the user is tracked and the function he performed are simulated in the virtual enviornment.

Data Logging

Analyses of user are sent to the Microsoft Azure Server which host the database which can help to measure the evolution of the patient on his way to recovery.


Fizio's dashboard helps the doctor to provide feedback to the patient on his performance on the run as well as at successful completion of the exercise routine.

Microsoft Kinect Sensor

In this game patient start the therapy by interacting with the kinect sensor.


“FIZIO brings rehabilitation process out of the confines of hospital & anyone can benefit from it, even at their homes.”


Dr BS Gill, Director Manav Rachna Innovation & Incubation Center

“This will change the way people exercise. ”


Dr GL Khanna, President Asian Pacific Conference of Exercise & Sports Science

“This will lead to a reduction of rehab session costs, flexiblity of times, reduce added injury during transportation & will help everyone stay fit & healthy. ”


Dr Salini, CEO Healing Space - A school for Cerebral Palsy kids

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